Where can I purchase items from your stock?


We are a wholesale company and only sell to retail stores, if you see something you like then please consult your nearest retail outlet. 

Retailers can make an enquiry by selecting any items from the store and using the enquiry tab on the right to send us an e-mail. Make sure to put your contact name, number and company name and we will get back to you as soon as possible, with prices & availability.

Each item on the site has a stock code, this stock code can be found on each individual items page, and will look like the example below:


If you know the stock code for the item you wish to search for or enquire about, typing this code into the search bar will bring you to the correct page.

Please note: not all items we offer can currently be found on the website. We are working on adding new items every day, however if what you need is not here, please try calling our office.